Many filmmakers are finding out that when you finish your film, it’s actually not finished – it needs “finishing”. But it’s not just mere semantics, it’s a process that major Hollywood releases go through but most indies expect a distributor to do. However, the hard truth is the this process is not provided by the most any distributor due to time and cost. And it affects how your film is perceived – either as a polished, studio quality release or a rough, non-professional film destined for the bargain bin.

Even after you’ve finished color correcting and mixing your film, unless your film has gone through the full mastering process, it’s really not ready for professional release. These process include most or all of these steps:

  • Mastering visual for broadcast, theatrical, VOD and film colorspaces in calibrated viewing environments
  • Mastering the soundtrack for broadcast, VOD and theatrical space using industry calibration levels
  • Fixing visual artifacts (noise, flicker, strobing, black levels, clippin) for theatrical viewing
  • Fixing audio issues (noise, dialog clarity, surround mixing issues) for theatrical and broadcast
  • Creating dedicated visual and sound renders for specific masters (Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, Broadcast)
  • Adding Subtitles, alternate language tracks, close-captioning, alternate language titles
  • Creating required “deliverables” for distributors including airline/hotel cuts etc.
  • Creating DCDMs, DCP’s, VOD encode masters, Blu-Ray encodes etc.

SV2  DCP / SV2 Studios can help indie filmmakers through all these steps to insure that both self-distributing filmmakers and those working with distributors save time and money while presenting their film in the best possible fashion. Contact us to learn more about any step of the mastering process.