DCP Pricing Calc (Feature)

Here you can precisely calculate the cost of your feature-length DCP. If your DCP is under 45 minutes, use the Shorts Calculator.

Be sure to enter the values for resolution, frame rate, audio etc. exactly as your master file render is, not as they might be when converted to a DCP. For example, if your master file is 16:9 aspect ratio but will end up Flat (1:1.85) in the DCP, enter 16:9 in the calculator.

Note that certain other factors can affect pricing (subtitles, specific distributor requirements etc.) Contact SV2 DCP for a detailed quote. Pricing does not include cost of hard drives and shipping. I suggest your purchase those to avoid any markup by SV2 DCP to keep the DCP price the lowest possible. However, I will purchase drives for you if you like.


DCP require 50% Payment to start work and 50% Balance after proof/QC approval, before shipping
Shipping companies & holidays may affect turnaround time. I’m located near FedEx hub.